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April 2017

Subject Author Last updated
How can I "unfill" a strokeRect ? (1) Sudarshan today
Is it possible to hide a line? (2) Zsolt yesterday
Is it possible to add more than one set of labels (at the top) on a Gantt chart? (3) Kedar yesterday
How do I 'select' a bar on a Bar chart? (5) Sudarshan 26th April
Is it possible to change the RGraph HTML key table structure? (3) Hari Shankar 21st April
My canvas based 3D Bar chart tooltips are not working (2) Hari Shankar 21st April
Is it possible to select multiple bars at once? (2) Tarak 20th April
When you click the mouse with dynamic.js included it's causing an "this.canvas i... (7) Stuart Andrews 19th April
Can RGraph have nested labels on the X axis? (1) Tarak 19th April
Coding Standard - Richard, what do you use? (2) Stu Andrews 19th April
RGraph.svg.common.core.js:1906 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'insertB... (2) Jan Dirk 14th April
Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'removeChild' on 'Node': The node to be... (2) Jan Dirk 14th April
Gradient colors in SVG HBar chart disappear after a redraw (4) Jan Dirk 13th April
Trying to create multiple charts on the same page (6) Breno Padovan 12th April
The Pie chart option labelSticks causes overlap (5) Walid 10th April
Reading data from a PLC unit (1) Mike 6th April
Out-of-bounds index error patch (1) Jan Dirk 1st April

March 2017

Subject Author Last updated
Incorrect source code in the 3D Pie chart example (1) Joe 29th March
The Y position of successive Text2 objects, via data points, are different from ... (2) Stuart Andrews 29th March
Is there a possibility for a subtitle in non-SVG charts? (2) Stuart Andrews 29th March
Is it possible to disable the click event and still include the dynamic script? (1) Helio 28th March
Tickmarks in the SVG Line chart (5) Jan Dirk 27th March
Problem with integer Y axis labels (3) Helio 27th March
Is it possible to use relative width (percentages)? (2) Miguel Teixeira 22nd March
Two combined bar charts (inner/outer), obj value of one in the other's draw() (2) Stuart Andrews 22nd March
Redrawing the Radar chart is not working for me (1) Othmar 19th March
How do you create variable width stacked column charts in RGraph? (1) Andrew 19th March
How can I skip null values in Line charts? (1) Joerg 17th March
Using the mouseout event to hide tooltips Zsolt 17th March
Bar chart - how to not show 0 values? (12) Chris 16th March
Using the Pie chart coordinates with the Horizontal Bar chart (1) sudarshan 14th March
Is there an SVG bubble chart? (4) Jan Dirk 12th March
How do I draw a second Y axis on the opposite side of the chart? (1) Devin 11th March
Uncaught TypeError: RG.SVG.commonSetter is not a function error (2) pheo de Montford 10th March
I have an issue with the colorRanges option in the Edge browser (3) Othmar 9th March
A small HTML keys CSS issue (2) Zsolt 9th March
Integration with AngularJS (1) Rintu kumar 9th March
Problem with the background grid number of horizontal lines when redrawing a Bar... (3) Anonymous 9th March
Displaying small values with a large Y axis range (3) larrybud 8th March
How do I include the tooltip in a PNG of the chart (1) Sudarshan 6th March
Tooltips keep getting wider and wider (1) Jan Dirk 6th March
The SVG HBar chart does not seem to follow the gutterLeft setting (6) Jan Dirk 6th March
How can I change the color of all of the points in a Scatter chart? (2) Arthur R. 1st March

February 2017

Subject Author Last updated
The chart.title.yaxis.pos option and the ylabelsspecific does nothing and are i... (1) Bradley 27th February
How do I get a white background color with the HBar? (5) Holger 24th February
Why is my Gauge appearing blurry? (1) yo 22nd February
Can the HBar scale be angled to accommodate big labels? (3) Jim 21st February
New chart type suggestion (9) Sudarshan 21st February
New test page to see whether Google will index dynamically created SVG files Richard 18th February
It is possible to dynamically update an SVG bar-in-bar chart? (3) GJ 17th February


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